bathroom wood flooring malaysia

When your wish of building your dream home is finally close to reality, make the most out of it by personally choosing the center piece for the living room, the size and the design of the painting that you will hang in the dining room, and the rugs that you will place in certain parts of the house. Oh, and please do not forget to choose the right bathroom wood flooring.
We give emphasis to the bathroom flooring since even if it is not walked on as often as the flooring in the other rooms, it is the one that gets drenched the most. You have several bathroom wood flooring options to choose from. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, so how you will make your decision is now up to your liking – and your budget.


Vinyl is the cheapest wood flooring that you can find on the market so far, and it is also one of the easiest to install. This is quite popular to renters who temporarily live in a condominium or an apartment because of the wide variety of designs a vinyl wood flooring has.


If you choose laminate, it will be like having the best of both worlds because this is like a combination of the cheapness of a vinyl and the look of a hardwood. Laminate is actually a durable bathroom wood flooring since it is made by gluing the seams of the laminate’s layers together; hence, making it almost 100% water resistant. However, even if some laminates last for more than two decades sometimes, you should not be too confident that water – a force of nature – cannot find its way to reach the wood core of the laminate. When that happens, you might as well have to replace it.


The engineered wood flooring is different from the laminate wood flooring for the reason that the former has a real wood for a top layer, while the latter has only a printed image of wood. Aside from that, engineered wood is the bathroom wood flooring for you if you want your visitors to think that you have an expensive hardwood flooring in your bathroom that hold moisture quite greatly, thanks to the plywood that acts as its base.


Hardwood is a great bathroom wood flooring option for risk takers since it always poses a high possibility of contracting and expanding. As you know, wood absorbs moisture, and there will surely be a lot of moisture in the bathroom, so if you do not enforce a strong-holding finish on the hardwood flooring strips, you may have a big problem. Needless to say, hardwood is least recommended for bathroom wood flooring.

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