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Restaurants, bars and clubs these days are getting frequented not only because of the exquisite dishes they serve, or the unique cocktail blend they make, or the awesome remixes and strobe lights they have. Sometimes, someone enters such places because he or she sees that the whole area looks great, so he or she is willing to see what they have got to offer.

A big part of a commercial establishment’s ambience is its flooring. You may have a wall lined with pictures of famous people who have visited your food shop, or a ceiling that has differently colored lights shining on every table, but if you have a tiled flooring that has a lot of cracks or a cemented flooring that seems dirty no matter how much bleach you mop it with, any customer will not want to set foot in your business area. As you know, having no customers means having no profits, and that is not good at all for any industry. Therefore, it will be best if you have commercial wood flooring.

Commercial wood flooring can blend well with every design or style you can possibly think of. If you are going for a rustic, old barn style, you can have an unfinished commercial wood flooring. If you want of elegance and sleekness, you can opt for glossy commercial wood flooring. And if you like your place to still have a homey feel for your walk-in customers, you can get a commercial wood flooring that is light-colored. Basically, your choices are endless, but there are still other wood aspects for you to ponder about.


As mentioned above, every wood is one of its own kind. This plays at your advantage because it means that you have a lot of wood colors to choose from. Bamboo and maple are usually of the lighter hues, while mahogany and oak are on the darker side. The grains on the surface add to a wood’s natural design as well, so that’s something else for you to decide on.


Even though teak, ipe, cedar, bamboo, mahogany and maple are all considered as solid woods, they still vary in terms of hardness. You have to remember that not all woods are as resistant to rotting as mahogany, or as splinter-free as redwood, or as hard as maple.

Durability and Maintenance

We can safely say that no matter what kind of hardwood you are going to pick for your new establishment, it will last longer than you have expected. Some hardwood generally do not need a lot of maintenance aside from daily sweeping it, but other hardwood may need to be re-finished after a year or two to be able to maintain its shine.

Another great thing about commercial wood flooring is that if you are already bored with its color, you can change it up by sanding it. What an easy and cheap way of touching things up, isn’t it?


Since authentic hardwood requires quite a lot of process and manpower from cutting down a specific tree to chopping the big logs into planks and sanding them piece by piece, this commercial wood flooring undoubtedly comes a bit on the higher end. However, do not let this deter you from purchasing it because compared to all other floorings out there, it is the only kind of flooring that you may not have to replace ever.

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