How to Choose the Right Contemporary Wood Flooring in Malaysia?

contemporary wood flooring installed in kitchen and dining room

You have just decided to get a contemporary wood flooring in Malaysia. Pick the type of wood you want and be done with it. Easy, right? Well, not so fast. There are several factors that you must determine and identify as to the type of wood flooring your house can accommodate. Unfortunately, not all homeowners look into this matter. Bear in mind that installing wood flooring on the second floor of your house is different than installing it on the ground floor. You must consider the ground level of the area before finding the best option.

Know where the wood is installed

As mentioned earlier, you cannot just install this type of floor anywhere in your house. For example, you are not supposed to install wood flooring below grade as moisture coming from the ground can cause issues.

Find out about the subfloorcontemporary wood flooring in dining room with crystal lighting hang above

Every wood floor has its own subfloor. Thus, you must know what type it is to help you determine whether or not you can install it on areas where you wish to have it displayed. For example, if your subfloor is concrete, you will be limited to engineered wood. Or you can install plywood over the concrete floor before installing contemporary wood flooring in Malaysia. But you will have to pay for the additional wood, labor and insulation.

The best way here is to glue the solid wood down by an experienced professional. This is to make sure that the glue is strong enough to offer permanency.

Identify your living habits

It is also important to know how much abuse your wood floors can take. This is to help you identify the right wood species and durability that can endure such abuse.

For a high-traffic area, a harder contemporary wood flooring in Malaysia is the better option. Then, play with grain patterns and stains, as well as finishes. These elements can help hide dents and scratches.

Choose flooring appropriate for your home’s style

a look from second floor to living room with contemporary wood flooring installedYou might love an option A but you will think differently when it is already installed and it does not go with your modern cabinets or overall style of your house.

If you strive to create a modern-looking home, having a natural maple wood flooring can give your modern home a great style. It offers a cleaner look without too much variation.

For a traditional style, go with a contemporary wood flooring in Malaysia that mixes with lighter and darker pieces. Opt for something that offers a traditional cabin feel.

Decide which is important

Is budget a main factor in choosing wood flooring or is it the appearance that you all care of? Contemporary wood floors are not always the cheapest route. Then, you also have to consider about maintenance cost. If you do not want to spend more in maintaining the beauty of the floor, then opt for harder woods.

If you are not sure what type of contemporary wood flooring that fits your house in Malaysia, please allow us to help you by contacting us.

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