The Elegant Wood Flooring in Malaysia – Should You Consider Shiny Floors?


Elegant modern kitchen installed with glossy wood flooring.

Elegance does not always mean shiny wood flooring in Malaysia. How this wood floor will look may vary according to the finish and gloss level. Matte has low gloss level. This is usually the option for high traffic areas. To add elegance to a formal space, like the living room, high gloss finishes can be chosen.

In addition to the shine of the wood, its smoothness must also be considered. But it does not have to be smooth all the time to achieve elegance wood flooring in Malaysia.

Some upscale homes installed distressed or reclaimed wood flooring but they still manage to appear elegant. Hard scraped wood flooring can still provide a unique touch. The great thing of it all is that it does not wear easily.

How about laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring can still give you the elegance that your house needs. This is especially true if you are short on budget. It has evolved into a strong alternative to the solid hardwood floor. You cannot tell the difference between a real hardwood and a laminate.

One of the reasons it has become a popular option is its variety of designs. With the advanced printing techniques, it is now possible to recreate just about any flooring surface. Do you want to have the same elegance wood flooring that you see on TV, like in Downton Abbey or Revenge? Laminate floors can replicate that look.

Different hardwood finishes can also be reproduced, from hand-scraped to plains to distressed.
Then, there is the cost of laminate flooring. Unlike hardwood flooring, the overall cost of purchasing and installing this type of floor is cheaper.

And if you want your house to be “eco-friendly”, then laminate wood flooring can be a better option. It provides low carbon footprint. The reason for this is that most manufacturers of laminate flooring utilize recycled wood products.

Should you install the wood flooring on your own?

Whether it is hardwood or laminated wood flooring, it is still best to consider hiring a professional. Getting the advice of a wood flooring consultant can help you choose the right flooring option to obtain the kind of elegance that you like to convey for your house. The consultants can give you recommendations on where to obtain the best wood flooring to get the best value for your money.
To obtain the elegance wood flooring in your Malaysian home, hire us to help you get that sleek look and the natural aesthetic of wood floors.

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