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“Doubt is the father of invention.” – Ambrose Bierce

A traditional hardwood flooring is so elegant that most homeowners who have a classical-looking home go for it. Others who simply want a touch of a traditional hardwood without having to deal with the fact that real wood expands when water is absorbed by it opt for a laminate wood flooring. Now, the latter is quite more ideal because it is water resistant and easier to get installed than the former, but the problem is that the wood that serves as its front is only a printed image of a real wood so it does not look very realistic at all.

Thanks to those people who have doubted that a laminate wood flooring and a solid wood flooring are the best that they can create in terms of design and durability, we now have an engineered wood flooring that is practically a combination of both.

What makes an engineered wood flooring so special? Here are the engineered wood flooring advantages:

‘Genetic’ Make-Up

The construction process of an engineered wood flooring is more like that of how a laminate flooring is made. It makes use of either high density fiberboard, plywood or real wood as its core. The difference is highly visible on its front part because while a laminate flooring basically laminates a printed image of a real wood, you get to have a real hardwood of your choice for an engineered wood flooring.


Engineered wood flooring installation has been made easy over time that, if you have the willpower and energy for it, you can do it on your own. Before you buy an engineered flooring, you first have to think of how you plan on installing it. Do you want to glue it down, use nails, staple it, or make it float over your previous flooring?

If your choice is within the first three options, you may want to only have a concrete subflooring. Moreover, if you want to float it, you do not have to remove your existing flooring and just make it – the existing one – as your subflooring. The rule here is that as long as the previous flooring is still evenly placed, not heavily damaged and probably just discolored, dry and clean, you can go on with the installation without ripping it off.


An engineered wood flooring is versatile in a certain manner that it can be used in any part of your home – whether it is in the hallways, the bedroom or the basement. Usually, our greatest fear is that the wood flooring that we put in the basement will not be able to withstand the possible water leaks from the ground through the concrete underneath the flooring, but an engineered wood flooring can do the job with flying colors.


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