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Floating Wood Flooring Inner Looks

Floating wood flooring is making a noise in the wood flooring industry that’s why many people prefer to have it in their home instead of the conventional wood flooring. However, is it really what manufacturers say it is, or is it too good to be true? Let us find out.

Floating Wood Flooring Installation

Easy floating wood flooring installation is what you can expect when you purchase any wood flooring of its type. It is easy because instead of using nails or staples or adhesives to keep the flooring boards in place, you only have to basically click and lock the pieces together. And yes, they can do that since each piece is measured and cut meticulously.

Contraction and Expansion

It is a known fact that woods of all types expand and contract from time to time because of the water they accumulate, so they need to have enough ‘breathing’ space to be able to do that. Luckily, any hardwood has room for that when they are installed as floating wood flooring. That is its advantage to a normal wood flooring that is stuck to the ground and therefore has not much room to contract or expand. Remember that wood will always do that because no one can control the moisture and temperature in a room, and if that happens in a non-floating area, the wood has the tendency to break.


Apparently, floating wood flooring that is made out of real wood will last up to 40 years, thanks to its coating that is said to be better than what is used on a regular hardwood. This is something we should all be happy about since it does not only mean that you will not need to replace your flooring until the next four decades, but it also means that more trees will have time to grow and not be cut down immediately.


Floating wood flooring does react well with the changes in the atmosphere, but if happens repeatedly, there will come a time that the flooring will wear down too. Aside from that, if and when its surface gets scratched, you cannot simply sand it like you do with hardwood since that will ruin the floor board.

Cost Effectively

Floating wood flooring is definitely way cheaper than any hardwood because of how it is made. Not like hardwood that is fully a piece of wood from a tree and then just cut in a certain size and laid down on the ground, the floating wood floor boards are mostly made out of plywood with only its top layers as the real hardwood. This is what is widely known as an engineered flooring.

Therefore, to answer the hanging question above, we’d say, “Yes, floating wood flooring is really what manufacturers say it is.” It has some imperfections too, but nothing is perfect in this world, and that is something we can all live with.

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