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When trying to decide on which kind of wood flooring will suit a gymnasium best, solid wood flooring is undoubtedly on top of everyone’s list. Sure, you can purchase cheaper flooring panels that are made out of vinyl or synthetic wood, but neither will last as long as an authentic hardwood.

The life span of a gym wood flooring is just one of the many things to consider for a flooring that gets stepped on or jumped on a lot by athletes who may all be dreaming of bringing home gold medals for the school or for the whole country in the future. See the other considerations below.

The Sport

The gym wood flooring that you will pick should be based entirely on what kind of sport will commence in that gym. If it is basketball or volleyball, a high-quality maple wood is typically installed since it is a great shock absorber.

The Subflooring

If you want to have the most practical wood flooring, know that you have a lot of options for your subflooring. Do not settle for boring cement subflooring, when you can have cement + rubber pads + plywood (in that order). If you are looking for newer versions of subflooring, there are now fixed-resilient floors, and other systems that may or may not have steel incorporated to them. Nevertheless, think of what subflooring your gym requires before you buy anything.

The Environment

Any wood flooring should be able to acclimate since there are certain wood floorings – specifically hardwood – that absorb moisture a lot. Therefore, if you want solid maple wood as your gym wood flooring, leave considerable inches of gaps in between the wood panels when you have them installed so that there will still be room for their expansion and contraction.

The Wood Finish

If you have watched any basketball game on TV, you may almost be blinded by the glossiness of the wood of the hardcourt. This is due to the wood finish that has been used for it.

Wood finish can be oil- or water-based. In some parts of the US, oil-based finish is not allowed for gym wood flooring, but the problem with water-based finish is that it tends to hard too strongly that the hardwood cannot expand or contract anymore. Aside from that, these two vary in terms of color since oil-finished gym wood flooring turns to amber over time, while the water-finished flooring remains clear.

The Maintenance

The most commendable thing about hardwood is that it is low maintenance. Despite the need for a regular cleaning solution that is suitable for the wood finish, you do not have to replace any panel in at least 50 years, and you are only required to sweep and mop it daily. You may even give a new look to your gym wood flooring by sanding it after every decade.

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