interlocking-wood flooring malaysia

“True bonding is not measured by the time spent together or the favors done for each other, but by the comfort you find when you realize that you have each other.”

Oh yes, that is exactly what happens with interlocking wood flooring. As misleading as you may think that quote is, the woods do get to bond together because of the interlocking system, and then they get comfort since they can contract and expand freely. Interlocking wood flooring floats, so it is better than a traditional wood flooring in more ways than one.

There are several techniques that you can use to interlock floor boards together. The end result still looks the same, but it will be beneficial if you get to know more about them, in case there will come a time that you want to install your own flooring all by yourself.

Click lock wood flooring can easily be installed because of the indentations made at the edges of the floor boards. The click and lock method asks for you to place the first board with the groove facing up, and then align the downward groove of the next board to it. After that, you click them together and – voila! – they are already locked.

Tongue and groove is another popular interlocking wood flooring system that has the same level of difficulty as click lock in terms of installation. However, its major distinction is how the edges are made. If you have not seen tongue and groove wood flooring ever in your life, it can be described like this: one floor board has its edge poking out (the tongue part), while the other board is hollowed at its edge (the groove part). Basically, you can push the pieces together just like how you do with click lock wood flooring, but if you cannot do that, the technique is to get a block of wood, put it on one end of the board, and slightly hammer it in order to put the floor board in place. Just do not try to hammer the board without anything in between to cushion the blow since that is simply not a smart move.

There is another interlocking wood flooring that is called as the snap-together wood flooring, but it is practically a combination of both wood flooring. How it looks like is that it has the flat groove that click lock has, but it also has tiny tongue and groove.

Interlocking wood flooring can be installed by anyone – that is how easy it is. There may be some things you need to remember – like leaving at least ½ inch of space between the edge of the whole flooring and the wall so that the boards can contract and expand – but overall you may find this as an enjoyable learning experience.


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