The wood flooring for kitchens is something that most homeowners should think about because there are times that the wood flooring that you have chosen for your bedroom or your living room may not be your best choice for your kitchen. You have to think through that this is mostly where you and your family will cook and have meals at, so you may always have to pick or sweep some vegetable peels, food wrappers, or tiny rice grains off of it. Aside from that, there may always be water dripping on the floor when you or any the kids wash the dishes. Because of all these factors, it is vital for you to have a wood flooring that you can easily clean and may even add to the beauty of your home.

What are the key ideas to consider when choosing the best wood flooring for kitchens, you ask?

Type of Wood Flooring for Kitchens

You can have engineered or laminated wood flooring on your kitchen since they are relatively cheap and can last for years, but if you are looking for something that your future grandchildren may not even have to replace, opt for hardwood flooring. After all, solid wood flooring for kitchens is quite popular.

There are many kinds of solid wood to choose from – oak, pine, cherry, maple, teak, etc. – so it is up to you if you want a polished or a rustic look for your kitchen.

Wood Finish

Some of you may find it weird that we recommend hardwood as the best wood flooring for kitchens even when it is a common fact that wood usually gets scratched and can easily be affected by moisture. However, if the finish applied on the wood is excellent, neither will be a problem.

You see, more and more homeowners are being more daring at installing hardwood flooring in the parts of their house that usually gets wet because strong wood finishes are now in the market, and they do not alter the beauty of the wood flooring even when applied. If ever you have to choose between an oil-based and a water-based finish, try to stick with the latter since it is better at protecting the wood than the other one.


When you decide on a wood finish, you also decide on how glossy you want your wood flooring to be.

Wood Edges

Regardless whether you go to the flooring store by yourself or you hire a contractor to do it, choose flooring panels that are cut squarely on the edges. There are wood flooring for kitchens that have slanting edges, but it may not be advisable to get them since it will be too tedious for anyone to clean the dirt and food that gets stuck there.

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