How to Complete Installation of Luxury Wood Flooring in Malaysia?

Are you planning to perform a refurbishment that involves installation of luxury wood flooring in Malaysia? If you are, then it is a must that you consult a professional that offers wood floor installation services. In this way, your project will not result in a failure.

Before, hardwood flooring was the best flooring material. It was also the first option of many homeowners.

Today, however, vinyl luxury wood flooring can already rival hardwood floors in several areas. One of its reasons is that the former is more modern, effective, beautiful and, of course, affordable compared to the latter option.

What of the look and style of luxury wood flooring in Malaysia?

It is true that hardwood floors’ beauty is timeless. But its look and style is limited because of the availability of wood species.

When you look at luxury vinyl wood flooring, for instance, you will see a photographic image layer that can withstand and compete with the beauty of a solid wood floor at a fraction of a cost.

You may think that anyone can tell the difference between a real solid wood and vinyl planks. But it is no longer the case today. The reason for this is that technologies and manufacturing process have evolved.

Vinyl luxury wood flooring producers in Malaysia have employed advanced techniques that can really look like read hardwood. It also offers the same feel as a solid wood. Unless you are inspecting it up close, you cannot tell the difference.

Durability and stability


Parquet wood flooring offers distinguish look.

Hardwood floor may suffer in durability and stability. This is especially true if you obtained it from an unreliable source. In order to maintain its beauty and durability, you need vigilant maintenance.

Vinyl luxury wood flooring, on the other hand, is more resistant to moisture and climate. A wood flooring consultant can assist you in finding the best source for this type of flooring that can hold up reasonable moisture and changes in temperature.

Because of the durability of a vinyl luxury wood flooring in Malaysia, the warranties can last up to 20 years. As it is produced through great heat and measure, it can make the flooring extremely durable and stable.

Environment friendly

Trees are renewable. However, the deforestation rates are so high they outweigh the efforts of some people to replant and regrow new trees. The best vinyl luxury wood floors are made of 100% recyclable materials.

Then, there is the cost. Although the term “luxury” may discourage you to choose this option, it is not always the case for some. Reliable sources of luxury wood flooring in Malaysia offer reasonable cost.

Ask the help of a professional to help you find the right sources for this wood flooring option. You will also have to consider the maintenance, treatment and refinishing. The most expensive luxury wood flooring can last a lifetime with less maintenance.

But before opting for a vinyl luxury wood flooring in Malaysia, talk to a professional first to help you choose sources that can offer high-quality floors.

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