What Style to Look for In Modern Wood Flooring in Malaysia?


Modern wood flooring in Malaysia is still a well-sought after material. When it comes to styling, nothing beats wood floor’s durable nature and natural beauty. It always looks gorgeous in any type of home décor.

In Malaysia, modern wood flooring is available in various shades, from the lightest of whites to rich ebony to mahogany colors. If you are trying to choose the right modern wood flooring that would surely suit your home, you should based it on the current décor of your home.

Current décor

The floor is a blank canvas of a room. It is like your walls. It can set the tone of the room. Thus, when choosing modern wood flooring in Malaysia, you should draw inspiration from the current décor of your house, like finishes and furnishes. In other words, choose something that complements their colors.

Light and dark modern wood flooring

It offers an illusion of space. This can make your small room feel or appear larger.

Dark wood flooring, on the other hand, offers a more dramatic ambience. It can either make your room feel smaller or larger. This factor depends on the interiors of the room.


Wood floors can be sleek and smooth. But it can also be rustic, like a log cabin. For ultra-contemporary house, modern wood flooring with sleek lines can be a good option.

A historic home requires darker wood floors as they can offer a reminder of time period of the home.

Essentially, what you will need is to choose a color or style that brings out the character of your house/home. But it must also go well with the architecture details of you house.

Contrasting or complementing

It is difficult to decide whether to contrast or complement the color palette of your house when choosing for the right modern wood flooring in Malaysia. Since floors can be permanent, it is a must that you choose the perfect one for your house. If you are not sure on what to do, it is best to leave it to a professional.

Hiring a contractor to help you find the right modern wood flooring will make the process a lot easier. The contractor will communicate with the best suppliers of wood floors in your area that can give you the right price.

He/she will also assist you in choosing the best style that can go with the overall theme of your house. Wood flooring may be ideal for kitchen or dining rooms but it can also create too much that it will look awful.

With the help of a contractor in wood flooring, he/she can bring definition to the entire theme. This will prevent too many patterns, textures and colors, which may not be too appealing to your house.

Choosing the right wood floor can be exciting but overwhelming, especially if you do not have experience in this subject. Before you decide on what flooring to use, hire a contractor to help you out. Your floors can bring appeal to the entire house. Thus, you must choose wisely.

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