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Isn’t it nice to wake up, breathe in the fresh morning air, and watch the sun rise on your porch or patio that has awesome wood flooring? Of course, the flooring does not matter when you are waking up in the woods, but if you want to stand on an even surface right outside your home, a sturdy outdoor wood flooring is better than a flooring that creaks all the time and seems to give out when you take the wrong step.

You may have heard of concrete, stone, tiles and bricks as the materials which are usually used to build the exterior portions of a home, but wood is not one to be taken for granted. If you really want to commune with nature while still keeping everything in style, wood flooring is what you should have. If you are worried that it will last shorter than the others, a solid wood can actually stay in its place for decades if you clean it regularly. Besides, it will be easier and less noticeable when you replace wood flooring than if it’s with tiles because woods have their own au naturel beauty.

There are lots of outdoor wood flooring options right now, but here are some that, on our opinion, are on top of the list:


Rosewood is a great outdoor wood flooring choice because of many reasons.

  • It maintains its shape and size.
  • Insects or decaying can never be a bother to it since it naturally resists them.
  • No matter how much weight or water lands on it, it will not break, warp or shrink.
  • If you wish to apply a wood finish on it, you can do so without maybe having to re-apply ever again.

Rosewood is beautiful on its own. Without a finish, it will just turn a grayish color that you see in driftwood.


Pine may be popular as a basketball court wood flooring, but it can also be a phenomenal wood flooring for your patio, front and back porches, deck or gazebo. This kind of hardwood has the ability to absorb wood finish deep in its pores, making it a very durable material. You can also paint it or just stain it, depending on the look that you want to achieve.


If you live in a place where it rains almost seven days in a week, you may be tempted to totally forget about wood and simply focus on tiles or concrete for your outdoor home extensions as they seem to more substantial than the former. However, remember that if tiles or concrete gets broken, it will be hard for you or for the worker to fix it while trying to make it look like nothing has happened. Therefore, we suggest mahogany wood flooring to you.

Mahogany is an authentic outdoor wood flooring option that has once been used to create boats. This is what anyone will want to have in an area that often gets wet because rotting is no match for it.

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