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 “You know, I was looking at the value of money and found out that it buys only quality products; but very seldom buys quality relationships.” – De’Anthony D. Jones

What the author of this quote has said is very straightforward and very true. Money cannot buy love, happiness, faith, wisdom and justice as they are the only ones that remain real in this world. However, we also cannot get rid of the fact that we need money to buy our necessities.

The management of Flooring Sifu also knows this truth that is why in every wood flooring price that we set, we make sure that:

  • Our wood flooring price is fair for all our customers, regardless of their age, size and religion.
  • We are honest with our customers about our pricing and price ranges.
  • There are no hidden charges AT ALL.

Wood flooring adds beauty to the overall look of the interior of the house so you cannot do without it. We can always offer a wood flooring price estimate that is within your budget; we will never lie to you about a wood flooring price and then surprise you at the checkout with double or triple than the amount that you have expected because that is simply not how we roll here in Flooring Sifu.

What products and services can Flooring Sifu provide?

Wood Flooring Supplies

The wood flooring price of our supplies of course vary depending on the size or the design or the kind of the wood flooring that you choose. As mentioned in other articles, we offer solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate wood flooring and vinyl wood flooring which all come in different wood varieties. The wood flooring price also depends on the amount of labor done in order to make a certain wood flooring, so expect a vinyl wood flooring to be a lot cheaper than the solid one because the former is made by machine and of synthetic materials while the latter calls for extreme manpower just to cut down trees and chop them in the right size and shape.

Wood Flooring Installation

When do you need to ask a professional to install a wood flooring for you? Mostly if you choose a hardwood for your home, but you can also get help even for other types of wood flooring. Contact Flooring Sifu for any wood flooring installation to get an estimated wood flooring price per square foot or meter, as well as the labor process.

Wood Flooring Renovation

A wood flooring that has lost its shine can usually be repaired, but if it has been ripped off at some places, a renovation is quite more needed. Call FlooringSifu or Jenfloor the next time you need vinyl & laminate flooring installation in Johor Bahru, wood flooring renovation, and we can surely send one of our skilled renovators right at your doorstep who can give you a right wood flooring price quotation immediately.

In search of high quality, hygienic, and timeless wood flooring for your dream home?

FlooringSifu.com has a wide variety of solid, laminate, vinyl and engineered wood floorings that you can avail at an affordable price.