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Variety is important in everything because, to be honest, where is the fun and usefulness of having just one option? Even in wood flooring products, you cannot simply have one kind of wood flooring material since not every home is similar to one another, and not all the homeowners have the same taste.

In this article, let us introduce you to some of the wood flooring products Malaysia has to offer. Read their differences carefully, and decide on which of these wood flooring products will best fit your home’s lower surface.

Solid Wood Flooring

Teak, oak, beech, jatoba, mahogany, birch, walnut, acacia, pine, maple, cherry and bamboo – these are the solid woods being used for our wood flooring products. The main advantage of solid wood flooring is that it lasts forever. You do not have to replace it several times in a year like what you do when you have a linoleum. If you take good care of your solid wood flooring, you may never have to replace it at all and make your home have that classic, antique style. It also adds value, money-wise, to your home.

Laminate Wood Flooring

If you are looking for wood flooring products that are more on the practical side, get laminate wood flooring. This flooring is mostly synthetic so it is very cheap and easy to install. You also do not have to worry about poking nails or showing excess glue because it only makes use of clicks and locks – like a jigsaw puzzle, yes. When you have a laminate wood flooring, you can simply lay it over your old flooring without ripping the old one off.

Vinyl Wood Flooring

Even though vinyl wood flooring has been more often used in restaurants or disco halls throughout the years, it will also look great in normal homes if you want your flooring to be unique. Vinyl wood flooring is your best bet if you want a flooring that is as low maintenance and waterproof as a water resistant wood flooring. The artiste in you can also come out since vinyl wood flooring products usually have great designs on them, and you can mix them up to create the flooring art that you are dreaming of.

Waterproof Wood Flooring

Waterproof wood flooring products have a natural beauty that requires low maintenance. Unlike a traditional solid wood flooring, such a flooring is great for basements since it is waterproof, so it will not expand nor contract.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring products are like the new breeds of wood flooring these days. They are still made of wood, but these are ply woods packed together. Due to this, it is more ideal to use in basements or in places with higher moisture levels since it does not absorb as much water as a traditional solid wood flooring.

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