Solid wood flooring is the way to go if you want a wooden floor that can last you a lifetime. Such a flooring is very durable because it is not easily scratched. It is also very solid, that even if you pass it down to your descendants, they will not need to rip it off and change it. This is the kind of wood flooring that you see in antique homes and mansions.

Solid wood flooring has many advantages. Some of its main advantages are:

#1. There are a lot of woods to choose from.

Solid wood flooring does not only constitute to an acacia wood flooring or teak wood flooring. There are also other woods that are used as a material for this like maple, cherry, mahogany, beech, birch, pine, oak, bamboo, ipe, palm, elm and wenge, among others. They are not of the same price though, so choose wisely.

#2. Its color does not fade.

We believe that another main advantage of solid wood flooring over other synthetic or partly synthetic flooring is that its color does not fade rain or shine. This is what makes it very low maintenance.

Also, speaking of color, you can get your style on even with solid wood flooring because the woods used are kept natural, which means to say that you can expect lots of shades of brown to be attached to your floor. Most woods do not need to be sanded and refinished, but you can also sand your wood flooring if you want to change its color a bit.

#3. Quite expensive, but not really.

When you go to a wood flooring store, you can see the difference in price of the solid wood flooring and the other flooring. This is quite more expensive than the others since real trees are being cut down to make them, and the labor that goes with it is very tedious. However, if you think of what happens 10 years or 30 years from now, you will realize that one-time buying of solid wood flooring is better than buying new other flooring several times within those years because they are not as durable as a solid one.

There are more types of wood flooring in Malaysia, let us know if you need help from us. For example: Engineered & Laminate Wood Flooring

It is usually installed by a professional because you need to place the woods on the floor in a certain manner so that when one wood expands or contracts, the others do not get damaged. Solid wood flooring also tends to be squeaky sometimes when you walk on it, but that is just part of its nature. Let us know if you would like to know more about wood flooring supply in Malaysia.

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