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Even though this hasn’t been helpful when Rapunzel’s Prince Charming was trying to save her and get her out of her tower, stairs are greatly important for people like us who do not live in fairytale books. In a way, a set of stairs serves as a vertical passage that can bring us from one floor to another without having to climb a rope or pole. For homes that have limited land area, the stairs are essential and economical since the owners will not have to buy more square meters of space to expand the house; they can just expand it upwards.

In condominiums and apartment complexes, the stairs are usually made out of steel or cement because they are a lot cheaper than real wood. Besides, the tenants mostly use elevators in such dwelling places, so the stairs are not a big issue. However, for those who have the liberty to design their own 2- or 3-storey home, you should also consider adding more details to the wood flooring of your stairs.

By more details, we mean to say that you should have some thoughts on what kind of wood will be used, how thick it will be, how glossy it will be, etc. These are all vital information if you wish to have the best wood flooring for stairs – your stairs.

If you are ready to say goodbye to more of your cash, you can be extravagant by choosing solid wood flooring for stairs, and hire an installer to install this for you. On the other hand, if you want to save some money, you can opt for laminate wood flooring that may not be as sturdy as the real wood, but is water-resistant and still can last for decades. Here is a basic guide on how you can install laminate wood flooring for stairs:

  1. Choose your laminate wood flooring.

This can range from very glossy to a textured finish. Of course, with a glossy laminate, you can expect it to be more slippery, so a textured laminate is a wiser choice if you are scared that you or your kids will fall down the stairs. Aside from that, as a wood flooring for stairs, your laminate should be very durable and does not easily get scratched or torn to bits.

  1. Let the flooring panels to get used to the temperature in your home.

Do not make the mistake of immediately installing the flooring panels right after buying them from the store because some parts of the laminate wood flooring is made of wood, and that wood can still expand or contract over time. If this happens when you have already installed the wood flooring for stairs tightly, the panels will only destroy each other.

  1. Prepare the staircase.

If you are renovating a carpeted staircase, remove the old carpet, as well as the adhesive or the staples that have been used to stick it in place. If there is an overhang, remove it too with a jigsaw. After that, make sure that each step is leveled. If you see any bump, feel free to sand it off.

  1. Put the laminate in place.

The wood flooring for stairs will be easier to put in place if you work from top to bottom. The fastest way to do this is by gluing the horizontal piece (the thread) first, then the vertical piece (the riser), and lastly the nosing. Your wood flooring for stairs will dry best if you leave it untouched overnight.

Now you can honestly tell your friends and family that you have actually built a part of your home.

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