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“Techniques don’t produce quality products and services; people do. People who care, people who are treated as creatively contributing individuals.” – Tom Peters

Flooring Sifu is the best wood flooring supplies provider that you can find in all of Malaysia. We have a whole team of highly trained and immensely skilled people who are well-versed about anything and everything that is related to wood flooring. Likewise, we believe that artistic workers should be matched with artistically made products only that is why we handpick every wood flooring supplier that we have. By far, we are truly glad to say that we have a great hand at choosing our suppliers due to the top quality of the wood flooring supplies that are ready to be purchased in our online store.

Why buy wood flooring supplies from us? Because of the following reasons:


All wood floorings pretty much look like one another, but really they are different in many ways: in how they are locked together, in how durable they are, in how much water they can hold off, and in how easy they can be installed. When you visit our website, shopping for wood flooring supplies will be less stressful for you as we clearly state there if the wood flooring that you like is waterproof or water resistant (because they are different), if it needs to be glued or not, if it can be interlocked or uses click-and-lock system, etc.


The variety of wood flooring supplies that we house is quite extensive. We have: solid wood flooring (teak, oak, bamboo, beech, birch, maple, cherry, acacia, pine, etc.); vinyl wood flooring (synthetic, rubber, PVC, linoleum and plastic); laminate wood flooring (Kronotex, real wood, and dark wood); and engineered wood flooring (with hardwoods such as oak, kahrs, walnut, teak and acacia).


Of course, even if we have DIY wood flooring supplies, you still need a little ‘help’ to piece the wood flooring together. This help comes in the form of wood flooring accessories, adhesives, nails, underlays, and all the other tools that you may possibly need in order for this awesome project to come to fruition.

Being able to get all the wood flooring supplies in one place is a huge stress-reliever to anyone who has tried to run in a lot of stores just to find all the stuff they need, and for those who are just about to try installing the wood flooring for the first time. Save yourself from too much worrying that you will not have to go through if you just visit Flooring Sifu’s website.
Happy shopping!

In search of high quality, hygienic, and timeless wood flooring for your dream home?

FlooringSifu.com has a wide variety of solid, laminate, vinyl and engineered wood floorings that you can avail at an affordable price.