Possible Options for Sustainable Wood Flooring in Malaysia


Bamboo flooring is made from sustainable sources.

There are so many reasons more and more homeowners are opting for sustainable wood flooring in Malaysia. It does not only offer natural beauty and durability but it also positively impacts the planet. To make your home “green,” you must ensure that the wood flooring materials are eco friendly material.

Cork sustainable wood flooring in Malaysia

It is still new on the market but it is becoming a popular option for some homeowners in Malaysia. You may think that it is only ideal for your walls but cork can be a great material for your flooring. It is a sustainable wood flooring option because it is harvested from the oak tree’s bark, instead of the tree being cut down. This means that the tree will grow back making it the perfect renewable source.

Not only that. Cork also comes with anti-microbial properties that can help in reducing allergies in your house. It is easy to maintain and it can act as a natural repellent.

How long will it last? It can last from 10 years to 30 years.

Bamboo sustainable wood flooring

In Malaysia, bamboo is another wonderful option if you are looking for sustainable wood flooring. Just like cork, it is gaining in popularity. One of its reasons is that it shares almost similar characteristics as hardwood.

The best thing about bamboo is that it can go with many hues. This means that it can work in any setting or home décor. Compared with traditional flooring, bamboo’s grains and colors can give it an edge as it can be easily customized. Bamboo flooring comes in types of solid wood and engineered wood, giving you more choices based on your budget and requirements.


Specifically, the reclaimed hardwood is a wonderful option for sustainable wood flooring in Malaysia. It reuses those woods from trees that were already chopped down a long time ago.

Another idea will be to go for salvaged wood flooring. It looks beautiful in various types of homes but it can go best with older homes or a cottage in a beach.

Contrasting colors

No matter what sustainable wood flooring in Malaysia you choose, it is best to opt for the right hues. Dark wood flooring will go best with bright white walls. This can make a dramatic feel of your room.

To make the room more intimate or friendly, opt for a wood flooring that has jewel-like tones.

How to choose the right sustainable wood flooring in Malaysia?

Staying educated of the industry’s standards can help you choose the best wood flooring for your house in Malaysia. However, if you really want to add value to your renovation, choosing a qualified contractor, who can help you make the right choice.

One of the best things about hiring a wood flooring contractor in Malaysia is that you will be given the best advice on how to provide value to your project. The contractor can give you counseling, when it comes to installation and refinishing of your wood flooring. But choose a contractor who can help you come up with the right decision based on honesty and value, instead of providing you things that you want to hear just to sell you the product.

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