The Authentic Appearance of Vintage Wood Flooring in Malaysia

Vintage wood flooring in Malaysia offers authentic appearance with beautiful craftsmanship. It also provides rich colors with tested durability. But before making a final decision, make sure that you know what design you want in a vintage wood flooring for your house in Malaysia. Remember that the species and finish of the wood can set the entire atmosphere of the entire room where the flooring is installed.

White décor

To liven up your vintage wood flooring in Malaysia, designers recommend getting creamy white walls. This will make the room appear larger. They also offer a touch of authentic texture. To put a sophisticated look to the entire design, add leather and glass furniture and accessories.


For a light-filled inspired room, discover soft color vintage wood flooring in Malaysia. You can go with colors inspired by the Earth and sea. Then, pair the wood flooring with delicate shades on your walls and comfy chairs. The end result will surely soothe the atmosphere.

How about black and white?

Vintage wood flooring can be accentuated by adding contrasting colors to the room. You may choose light white walls and intense, classy black wood. Then, opt for dark furniture. With these color options, the beauty of oak shine will stand out. And do not forget to add colorful accessories to make the room more stylish.

Blend light and dark colors

To make a smashing style for your classic kitchens, you can try blending light and dark vintage wood floors. Then, your cabinetry should have a light tone with the same palette as the wood flooring.

Small rooms can have medium ash brown vintage wood flooring. Just because they are small, does not mean you should opt for light-colored floors. Pick a wood with ash brown color and paint your wall a contrasting color to make the bed the focal point of the room. With a contrasting color of the wall, it lets the light shades light up the entire room.

For gentle curves, soften the room a bit by adding vintage wood flooring with citrusy side color. It warms up the grays in a more gorgeous manner. If it is for a lady’s room, add a carpet and choose curved furniture to get that feminine appearance.

With a stylish vintage wood flooring in Malaysia, your guests will surely be impressed with the colors you have chosen. This option will not only make your house look gorgeous but it will also improve the overall value of your property.

If you are not sure on what colors to choose when it comes to vintage wood flooring in Malaysia, you can hire a professional to help you purchase the right flooring for your house.

By hiring a consultant in wood flooring, you can be sure that the option you choose will not face problems and failures later on. Consultants will not only recommend the type of wood flooring for your house but they may also conduct inspection and testing for the floor covering. They will also recommend where to obtain the best vintage wood flooring.

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