Confusion starts when you think of what kind of flooring you need if your home is built in a place that is not frequented by storms so you have less to nil chances of getting flooded. Do you need a waterproof or a water resistant wood flooring?

Yes, you have read that correctly. No, this is not redundancy or a typographical error. A water resistant wood flooring is so different from a waterproof wood flooring for the reason that the former can only resist small amount of water, while the latter can totally hold back any amount of water. With this comparison, the latter sounds cooler, but water resistant wood flooring is not so bad either.

As a matter of fact, since you have a lot of portions in your home, you can use both type of wood flooring. For the basement and the bathroom where water can always be expected, use the waterproof one. For all the remaining portions of the house, use water resistant wood flooring.

Water resistant wood flooring

Since we are considering that your home is built somewhere where there are almost no possibility of flooding, you only need water resistant wood flooring because the only probability of your living room floor or your bedroom flooring getting wet is when you get home from work soaking wet or when you get out of the bathroom and walk across your bedroom barefooted and water drips off your hair. And if you have a child who may often drop his or her water bottle from the dining table or a high chair, water resistant wood flooring can still repel such water spills.

Design and Finish

Laminate wood flooring is the best example of a water resistant wood flooring. Due to this, most water resistant wood flooring designs mimic the design of real hardwood, so this is beneficial if you want a solid wood flooring without having to deal with the water disadvantages of one.

The water resistant wood floor finish is very durable and does not easily get scratched even if you place heavy furniture over it or if your kids like to drag chairs around the house.


You do not need to buy special cleaning tools to clean a water resistant wood flooring. You can use a broom or a vacuum for general dirt, and use a slightly wet mop to finish the chore. If you have accidentally splatted gravy on it, simply get a somewhat damp washcloth and wipe it off.

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