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Think about this scenario. You plan on building your dream home near a river where you know the water goes up and over the river banks several times in a year when a typhoon hits, thus flooding a lot of homes in the nearby village. Since you are putting up your humble abode closer to it despite the flood warnings, you can take a couple of precautionary measures: you can pile up a lot of soil on your property and have your home built on this elevated soil, and then use a waterproof wood flooring so that even if the water reaches the inside of your household, you will not have to worry about very saturated and damaged flooring.

Waterproof wood flooring is basically like a vinyl wood flooring in which water cannot pass through no matter how much volume of it goes up and stays on your flooring. As a homeowner, this is very ideal for you to have even when you do not live near any body of water. Your bathroom gets pretty much soaked up every time you or your family members bathe, so it is best if you get waterproof wood flooring for bathrooms.

Where else can you use waterproof flooring?

Your basement and your kitchen both need nothing but the best waterproof wood flooring.

Waterproof wood flooring for basement is important to keep water from seeping through any cracks on your concrete sub-flooring since cleaning your living room sucks, but cleaning your basement sucks even more.

On the other hand, there are waterproof wood flooring for kitchens which you can purchase online or in store. It will come in handy especially if you are a messy cook or a messy dishwasher that splashes water all over the floor all the time. This way, you can simply mop up the wet parts.

Is vinyl the only waterproof wood flooring?

The great thing about the human mind is that it never stops innovating and inventing new stuff that we all can benefit from. If in the olden days vinyl is the only waterproof flooring, they have recently introduced a waterproof wood flooring laminate – an enhanced version of a laminate wood flooring that guarantees to shield your floor from any amount of water 100%. Remember that laminate flooring is one of the most popular types of floorings, and now the manufacturers have tweaked it and successfully removed its major flaw: not being waterproof.

Is it pricey?

Generally speaking, no. The priciness of the product depends on how simple or how luxurious looking you want it to be. You can check out waterproof wood flooring cost.

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